New Dangers Of Homeopathy

Many people consider Homeopathy to be a “gentle alternative” to “harsh conventional medicine”. 125 million Europeans are using homeopathic remedies.

However, in recent months, there is increasing evidence of Homeopathys inherent dangers,  so even Hahnemann would have kept his knowledge to himself, if he had known.

But let’s take one step after the other.

Homeopathy is based on different principles. First, there is the „law of similars“ issuing that an agent „that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure that disease in sick people“. Thus, the onion (Allium cepa) inter alia is used to treat hay fever, because cutting an onion gives you burning eyes and a runny nose.

Another central principle of homeopathy is the potentization of a drug. It is, in our case, a  onion solution (onion: solvent = 1:99) shaken and diluted. One part of the previous solution is diluted with 99 parts of solvent and beaten on a leather bible, for a 30C dilution this is repeated 30 times. Since the Avogadro constant teaches, that in the C30 solution there can’t be a molecule of the onion left, homeopaths believe the onion has passed its healing information to the water. The disclosure of information is done using the kinetic energy that is supplied while beating or shaking the solution.

In classical homeopathy, only one drug per remedy and one remedy at a time may be used.

In summary: The addition of kinetic energy transfers the healing information on to water molecules, the “information is spreading while potentiated”.

The claim Homeopathy is free of side effects repeated over and over again by homeopathy defenders did get some knock in the last months, although the public has not heard much about it.

George Vitouklas, perhaps the worlds most famous homeopath, explained what is increasingly becoming a problem in an online forum:

   „When the homeopathic remedy has reached the gastro-intestinal tract, it is getting more and more kinetic energy due to peoples movement, so information continues to spread. Even in severely ill, less moving people, a considerable amount of kinetic energy is added when blood is pumped through the heart. Therefore, it can be assumed that the healing information is present in the entire blood volume and each part of the body after 90 Minutes.

It is very likely that most diseases do not require the entire healing information, so some of it is going into waste products. Especially urine (which explains the effectiveness of homeopathy in the bladder, author’s note), has a high information density, the kidney is considered to be a very homeopathophilic organ.“

This process is called pericurative intracorporal potentization (PIP). This is why homeopathy works in much smaller doses than conventional pharmaceuticals.

But then, with elimination, begins the post-ingestion extracorporeal potentization (PEP). When urine splashes on to the water in the ceramic, more kinetic energy is introduced into the system, resulting in further potentization. In men who urinate standing up, the effect is probably greatest. At this point, the PEP is far from over, Vitouklas continues:

„We can assume that after leaving the sewage plant (more kinetic energy -> potentization, author’s note), depending on the size of the upstream sewer system (more kinetic energy -> potentization, author’s note), the water has reached approximately a C100-C250 dilution. It also contains a variety of homeopathic remedies in different stages of dilution. This is the kind of polypharmacy Hahnemann warned us about!“

Vitouklas theory is underpinned by virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier. In 2010 he found evidence of a water memory, which had been known by homeopaths all along. With the same experimental set-up Montagnier has studied  tap water from various cities in France and detected electromagnetic waves proving that the suspected information was present in the water.

„In some cases the analyses crashed the computer.“

While scoffers noted with a grin that those crashes were probably related to the information belonging to a computer virus in the water, the gravity of the situation is slowly acknowledged even by critics. Edzard Ernst, who maintains the notion homeopathy has no effect beyond the placebo effect, did not reply to requests concerning this question.

It is still poorly understood what kind of effects this mixture of high dilutions may have. But those familiar with the matter are alarmed. A spokesman of the German Association of Homeopathic Physicians expressed concern with the results.

„If our tap water actually contains high potencies of different homeopathic remedys, we need to find ways to remove the information from the water. The effects of this explosive mixture are hardly predictable. „

We are already seeing an increase in cardiovascular disease and cancer, which correlates with homeopathic remedies being increasingly popular.

„If even a hint of statistical significance could be shown, we would have no alternative but to stop further homeopathic treatment.“

said an employee of the German Association of Homeopathic Physicians, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Experts believe the only way to remove information from the water is to freeze it. The lower the temperature, the more information is lost. A complete deletion of the information could only be guaranted by cooling it to 0 ° Kelvin. Since it would be too expensive to decontaminate the entire drinking water consumed in Europe, people will be advised against consuming tap water. In the long run, in order to protect public health a second network needs to be installed with homeopathy free water.

[For all you enraged people out there: This is a satire (obviously) and all characters appearing in this text are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely wishful thinking. For all the rest: Thanks for reading, perhaps some of you will like the german version]